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                PTFE GASKETS

                   PTFE gasket,is made by cutting PTFE stick, pipe and sheet into flat shape, v shape gasket or valve annulus.it has 100% PTFE structure. it can bear the most bitter chemical medium, and has good anti-creeping performance.
                   Expanded PTFE gasket , is a replacement of asbestos. it is anti-creeping, anti-cold-flow, anti-low-temerature.it has no pollution. it is easy to install and replace. under small pre-stress force, it can bear great internal pressure even in a environment of changing pressure. it is the best suit the condition with rough and fragile flange and alternately-changing temperature.

                PTFE gasket

                PTFE properties
                Temperature -200≧~260≧
                Pressure 105bar
                PH range 0-14

                Expanded PTFE properties
                Temperature -268≧~315≧
                Pressure 210bar
                PH range 0-14

                Products Show
                  Gaskets Series

                Graphite Cut

                Spiral Wound
                Ring Joint Gasket
                Serrated gasket

                Metal Jacket

                PTFE Envelope
                Asbestos Gasket
                Non-Asbestos Gasket
                Corrugated Gasket
                PTFE Gasket
                Packing Series
                Other Series
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