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                CORRUGATED GASKETS

                   The gaskets has a corrugated metal core normally stainless steel or carbon steel, with expanded graphite facings. Eyeleted and Anti-stick coated upon request.
                It is new style gaskets with a wide chemical compatibility for standard pipline duties, heat exchangers, vessels, reactors.

                corrugated gaskets

                Corrugated Gaskets Material

                Metal Sealing layers Temperature
                Carbon steel, SS304, SS316, SS316L, copper, etc.
                Graphite foil, PTFE film, Ceramic Paper -200≧ to 500≧ Oxid
                -200≧ to 650≧ Steam

                Products Show
                  Gaskets Series

                Graphite Cut

                Spiral Wound
                Ring Joint Gasket
                Serrated gasket

                Metal Jacket

                PTFE Envelope
                Asbestos Gasket
                Non-Asbestos Gasket
                Corrugated Gasket
                PTFE Gasket
                Packing Series
                Other Series
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