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                กกกก PTFE envelope gasket are type of static seal. It is composed of elastic materials such as compressed non-asbestos sheet ,rubber,Ceramics, etc., and a PTFE envelope cove
                กกกกPTFE has superior properties against chemical (not affected by all chemicals except molten alkali metal and fluorine at elevated temperature) and a wide working temperature range. (from จC180~260กๆ) the coefficient of static and dynamic friction of PTFE are very low. PTFE is the best of the กฐnon-stickกฑ materials. It has excellent weathering and aging characteristics.
                กกกกApplication:PTFE envelope gasket is used to seal pipe flanges glass lined, PVC or FRP. Low bolt torque effecting a seal and chemical compatibility is a main characteristic of this type of gasket.

                PTFE envelope gasket

                Material ang type of PTFE envelope gaskets
                FILLER MATERIALS Non-asbestos compressed sheet, Compressed fiber sheet, Asbestos compressed sheet Neoprene, Reinforced graphite sheet ,Corrugated steel
                V-TYPE PTFE envelope gasket
                U-TYPE PTFE envelope gasket
                L-TYPE PTFE envelope gasket

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                  Gaskets Series

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                Spiral Wound
                Ring Joint Gasket
                Serrated gasket

                Metal Jacket

                PTFE Envelope
                Asbestos Gasket
                Non-Asbestos Gasket
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