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                OVER RING JOINT GASKET   

                   Machined from solid metals in a variety of shapes and are designed for high pressure, high temperature or highly corrosive applications by seiecting the most suitable material and shapes.

                Ring Joint GasketRing Joint Gaskets


                Section Type:
                Type Pressure Mpa
                Oval 70
                Octogonal 70
                Rx 70
                Bx 150

                Material Identification Max,Hard Temperature(<C)
                SoftIron D 90 540
                Low Carbon Steel S 120 540
                5Cr0.5Mo A182-F5 130 650
                SS304 SS304 160 800
                SS316 SS316 160 800
                SS316L SS316L 150 800

                Products Show
                  Gaskets Series

                Graphite Cut

                Spiral Wound
                Ring Joint Gasket
                Serrated gasket

                Metal Jacket

                PTFE Envelope
                Asbestos Gasket
                Non-Asbestos Gasket
                Corrugated Gasket
                PTFE Gasket
                Packing Series
                Other Series
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