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                SPIRAL WOUND GASKET    

                   Spiral Wound Gaskets can be used to seal fluid pressure up to 250 bar cryoprnices temperature as low as -200<C and up to elevated temperature of 1000<C. Products are widely used in the oil, gas, petrochemical process and engineering industries.

                Spiral Wound Gaskets

                Spiral wound gaskets type:  
                Type Thickness(mm)
                Basic form 3.2 4.5
                With inner ring   4.5
                With outer ring   4.5
                With inner and outer ring   4.5

                Filler Hoop Inner ring Outer ring
                Asbestos SUS 304 Carbon steel Carbon steel
                Graphite SUS 316 SUS 304 SUS 304
                PTFE SUS 316L SUS 316 SUS 316
                    SUS 316L SUS 316L

                The table below may be used for selected material of inner ring and winding metal.
                Trade name AISI Hardness(HB/HV) Temperature(<C)
                Stainless steel 304 304 130~180 -250~+550
                Stainless steel 316 316 130~180 -100~+550
                Stainless steel 316L 316L 130~190 -100~+550
                The outer ring is generally manufactured from carbon steel with an anti-corronsion treatment.

                The table below may be used for determining the correct filler.

                Filler material Temperature(<C)
                Max operating pressure(kg/cm2)
                Graphite -200~550 250
                Graphite -200~550 250
                PTFE -240~260 100

                Flange type and Spiral Wound Gasket form
                Flange type Spiral Wound Gasket form
                Flat face flange(F.F) Gasket with an outer ring
                Gasket with an inner and outer ring
                Raised face flange(R.F)

                Gasket with an outer ring
                Gasket with an inner and outer ring
                Male and female flange
                (M & F)
                Basic form gasket
                Gasket with an inner ring
                Tongue and groove flange
                (T & F)
                Basic form gasket
                Gasket with an inner ring
                Flat and groove flange
                (F & G)
                Basic form gasket
                Gasket with an inner ring

                Tolerances of thickness
                Item Thickness(mm) Tolerances(mm)
                Gasket thickness 4.5, 3.2 +0.2
                Ring thickness 3.0 \0.24

                The table below specifies the production diameter tolerance (Nominal pipe diameter for flanges in accordance with):
                  DIN (mm) ANSI B16.5
                BS1560 (mm)
                Mss sp-44
                API 605 Tolerances
                Inner ring I.D.
                Gasket I.D.
                <=600 <=24" >=26" and <=34" \0.5
                >600 and <=800 >24" and <=34" >=36" and <=60" \0.9
                >800 and <=1600 >34" and <=60"   \1.3
                >1600 >60"   \1.6
                Gasket O.D. <=600 <=24" <=24" \0.9
                >600 and <=160000 >24" and <=60" >24" and <=60" \1.8
                1600 >60"   \2.2
                Outer ring O.D     >=1/2" and <=60" \0.9
                <=600 <=24"   0-1.0
                >600 and <=1000 >24" and <=34"   0-1.8
                >1000 and <=1600 >34" and <=60"   0-2.2
                Note:1.We also can produce according to JIS.JPI standards or client request

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