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                 Cixi Donde Packing & Gasket Factory
                                     About Us


                  Cixi Donde Packing & Gasket Factory is mainly engaged in producing three kinds of seals products,packing series,gaskes series,packing & gaskets sheets series.such as various fiber packing,metallic gaskets,non-metallic gasketssheets gaskets material,and reinforced composite sheets seals material.As a professional manufacturer and exporter,we can offer you a widely range of seals raw materials and products,finished goods inventory,and efficient customer service.We have won good reputation in domestic and foreign market by excellent employees,superior equipment and first-class technology.

                Our Main products
                  Packing series:expanded graphite packing,reinforced graphite packing ,Die-formed graphite ring packing(expanded graphite molded packing),carbonized fiber packing,Kevlar fiber braided packing,pure PTFE fiber braided packing,PTFE graphite fiber braided packing,ramie fiber braided packing,asbestos packing,PTFE graphite packing aramid corners,graphite PTFE packing inter aramid,Acrylic fiber packing,Novolid fiber with PTFE packing,carbon fiber packing,PTFE filament packing,PTFE lubricant packing,cotton with oil packing,E-glass fiber packing etc.
                  Gaskets series:expanded graphite cut gaskets,spiral wound gaskets,oval ring joint gaskets,octagonal ring joint gaskets,serrated gaskets,metal Jacketed gaskets, PTFE envelope gaskets,asbestos gaskets,corrugated metal gaskets,PTFE gaskets,oval graphite cut gaskets etc.
                  Other Series: expanded (flexible) graphite yarns, expanded graphite rolling (sheets)reinforced graphite sheets,expanded PTFE joint sealant,PTFE valve-stem packing,PTFE rod, PTFE Sheets,ceramic yarn,tape,cloth,packing,glass fiber yarn,tape,cloth,packing,asbestos yarn,tape,cloth,packing,carbonized fiber cloth ,pure PTFE yarn,PTFE graphite yarn etc.
                 The company has been insisting on the business policy:"Supreme quality,customers first",and won the trust of user at home and abroad by good reputation,providing high-quality products and excellent service.In order to get progress and development,we would like to further our communication and cooperate with people in different fields,and provide high-quality products and excellent service with all our efforts.We expect to be your pure-hearted friend and partner

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